Traders report for November

This month was just crazy in the market of crypto currency.

For the first time in the long history of trading, this month turned out to be not just without a single loss for secondary crypto-currencies, but also super-profitable for the main ones!

Due to what internal insurance funds are replenished for many months, and will be able to withstand very large drawdowns.

In addition to the main profits, with the main crypto currency (BTC / ETH / LTC). A good indicator was also given:

Cardano + 280.55% (23.11-30.11)

MonaCoin + 65.45% (23.11-30.11)

Decred + 24.27% (23.11 - 30.11)

Well, trading intraday against the background of the growth of the main crypto currency - it seems just a pleasant bonus.

In addition to the fact that the rollover is now complete and can be ordered in a couple of hours, we are happy to inform you that this month, many deposits will be bonuses that provide for it!

Profit is transferred for payments on deposits!

with Team Blockchain Alliance