FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an investor Blockchain Alliance?

You need to register on the project and undergo verification (10 minutes of time) after which you will be able to invest money in the project.

How to start earning in Blockchain Alliance?

After registering on our site and verifying your account, you need to top up your account by any payment system, and after that you can open a deposit with us.

How much does it cost to create an account with Blockchain Alliance?

Creating an account is absolutely free.

Who can participate in the investment program?

Anyone who has reached adulthood can participate in Blockchain Alliance.

How to create your personal account?

Creating an account is absolutely free.

How to create personal account?

To create a personal account in our project, you need to register on our website, then you must go through the verification procedure (this is so, that no one else can withdraw your money except you). As soon as you register and pass the verification procedure, you will be able to replenish your personal account from any payment system, and withdraw money to your account in the same payment systems from which you added funds to your account.

How many accounts can I open in your Project?

You can only register one account per person. We took these measures for security reasons.

How quickly will my deposit be added after the transfer of funds?

Your funds take place on the deposit instantly after the transfer.The minimum amount for investing in your project?

he minimum amount for investing in your project?

The minimum investment amount is $ 100.

Can I invest in different deposits?


Is it possible to register relatives under the partnership program?


Can I exchange currency within the platform?

Inside the platform, exchange is not yet available. But we are working on it.

How do I verify my account?

In order to pass the account verification, you must fill out the profile data in the section “Personal data”.

How to register a partner in your structure?

You can register a partner in your structure in two ways: through a referral link or through direct registration in your account, where he/she should point you, as the person who has invited him/her.

How to reinvest profits back into the system?

To reinvest funds back into the system and create new deposits from domestic money, you need to specify in the “Reinvest” field the percentage of reinvestments (these are the funds that will be reinvested back into the chosen early investment project, the minimum amount of reinvestment is $ 100).

How to get a super profit from the invested funds?

To get the maximum return on investment, some professional investors practice the mechanism of reinvestment of profits, in the long run it allows you to get up to 2 times the profitability.

Is there a commission for input and withdrawal of funds?

Commissions for input of funds are not provided, the investor pays the commission of payment systems independently, the platform credits exactly the amount that was received on the payment requisites of the platform (for example, you transferred $ 110 and you were charged with 1 dollar commission, and $ 109 came to the account of the platform, This means that to transfer to your account $ 109), for withdrawal of funds, the commission depends on the payment system for which you make a withdrawal.

Can I return my deposit before the deposit expires?

Early withdrawal is impossible.Comission - 10%

When the deposit made in bitcoin-currency, will go to the System?

Deposit in bitcoin is usually credited within 15 minutes (with 3 confirmations). Sometimes delays of up to 60 minutes or more are possible.

Is your website secure storage of my personal data?

We have taken all necessary security measures to protect your account information, as well as any personal information. All data is transmitted using encryption, the site is securely protected from DDoS attacks.

I forgot my password from my account, what should I do?

On the login page, click on “Password recovery”, enter your E-mail, and the new password will be sent to your E-mail.