Blockchain Alliance

Happy New Year 2018!

We are happy to congratulate all your investors and partners on the New Year and Merry Christmas. Let the New Year shower you with Money and wealth. We wish to fulfill all dreams - to be fulfilled. Health strong, love - And joyful events. We wish you happiness, novelty - And fabulous discoveries. Well, from the point of view of trading, this year has already started very well. Our traders have already very well earned on Ripple, and of course on DogeCoin, which in only 15 days brought a profit of 50%

Spanish language added!

We are glad to welcome users and partners from Spain! At your request, we implemented our website, also in Spanish! We, in turn, will try very productively in the world of crypto-currencies, in order to continue to justify your trust! This trading month on profitability has turned out to be quite productive, so bonuses this month will also be waiting for users whose deposits this provides.

Traders report for November

This month was just crazy in the market of crypto currency. For the first time in the long history of trading, this month turned out to be not just without a single loss for secondary crypto-currencies, but also super-profitable for the main ones! Due to what internal insurance funds are replenished for many months, and will be able to withstand very large drawdowns. In addition to the main profits, with the main crypto currency (BTC / ETH / LTC). A good indicator was also given: Cardano + 280.55% (23.11-30.11) MonaCoin + 65.45% (23.11-

Added Turkish language

We are pleased to welcome Turkish leaders and ordinary participants from Turkey to our project For your convenience, the project is also implemented in Turkish. Crypto-currencies this month also show a good financial result, and November will more than likely be closed with good profits. And this is a very positive indicator for the marketing strategy that you started!

Bitcoin broke through the level of $7000

The rate of bitcoin for the first time exceeded $ 7000, breaking through another psychologically important level. This happened just a month after the first time the crypto currency overcame the $ 5000 mark. The confident growth of bitcoin in recent days is connected with speculation that the crypto currency can become the most popular financial asset after the largest North American operator of financial derivatives CME Group said it will start trading bitcoin futures this year. Just last month JPMorgan Chase CEO James Daimon said that bitcoin is a fraud to which his bank will never

Added new payment system PAYEER

The system is already active and ready to use. Payeer is a very convenient, multifunctional and sufficiently secure payment system that has a financial PSP license from the National Bank of Georgia since 2012 To date, the system has registered more than 2.5 million users. And the security system is implemented at a very serious level Since October 2015, PAYEER has begun issuing branded bank cards MasterCard Platinum, which greatly facilitates the entry and withdrawal of money to this payment system