This investment calculator will help you to visualize the effect of investment activity.

At first sight, the calculator seems to be difficult to use, but having worked with it for a couple of days, it will become your tool calculator, as it is able to calculate rather complicated investment tasks, answering the question: “What will be the amount of my deposit at the end of the specified period”.

The calculator considers only in a compound interest, and also takes into account regular additions during your investment period. It is absolutely universal, and is applicable not only to investments in precious metals and jewelry, but also in everyday life. As well as, in any business and different types of investment, including even the simplest bank deposits.





% per month

Term of investment


Account replenishment



Calculation results

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Money makes money

A lot of you have already known and realized, what financial benefits can be brought by investment activity with proper risk management. But at the same time, this article is read by people, who do not know what money they really have under their feet. It is what about we want to tell in this short article. Let’s make the assumption, that you are just a young student, who is now 20 years old, and you have all your life ahead, so you have to pay taxes in the state, where you will live for the next 20 years. We will not take much of what amount this will be monthly – to calculate, we will take the really minimal amount of money – $50 per month of tax, that you will pay to the state, from which it will pay you a pension. And for a good example, let’s say, that you will invest money for 20 years not in the pension fund, but in various investment directions (banks \ invest companies \ real estate \ business \ etc.). The average percentage among normal investment (safe) companies is 10% per month. 20 years, these are с 240 months.


Driving on the calculator, the basic data:

Deposit: $ 50 (our monthly amount instead of taxes)

Income: 5% per month

Term of investment: 240 months

Account replenishment: $ 50 (meaning regular monthly installments) – in our case with taxes, this is relevant to the calculation, since we invest $ 50 monthly (instead of taxes on retirement)


We make the calculation. And we get the data!

At the exit, in 20 years, your capital will be about $156,000. You do not have to believe a word.

This information you can double-check using absolutely all kinds of calculators and computers in the world. But the amount of $156,000 really is counted. But as practice shows, if you pay taxes to the state, then it will all get to the bottom, and at best it makes sense to expect a pension of $500 per month (and this is not in every country). And about what hundreds of thousands… What are you speaking about?

And smokers? Morality will not be read, of course, it’s your business. But financially, this is a very large amount of unearned money. Well, imagine. The average cost of 1 pack of normal cigarettes = $7. If you smoke 1 pack a day, it’s $210 per month. And if $210 per month, monthly invest at 10% per month, lasting 20 years – then the result in your account will be $657.930 (please double-check with any calculators and calculations). Just think about it!!! For 20 years, you smoke more than a half of MILLION DOLLARS! That’s how all your dreams of big ocean coast houses, car corteges, personal helicopters – volatilize with the carbon monoxide of your cigarette. And no matter where you invest. Whether it’s jewelry and precious metals, or you will buy oranges and sell them with margin to ensure a return of 5% -10% per month to your capital. These are nuances – the essence of this does not change. We just want each of our users / readers / investors to be at least 1 step closer to their dream. And you begin to move in the direction of creating your capital. And it does not matter if you are 20 or 50! Today is now and you can’t return or exchange it, so better is to start late than never.