Bitcoin broke through the level of $7000

The rate of bitcoin for the first time exceeded $ 7000, breaking through another psychologically important level. This happened just a month after the first time the crypto currency overcame the $ 5000 mark. The confident growth of bitcoin in recent days is connected with speculation that the crypto currency can become the most popular financial asset after the largest North American operator of financial derivatives CME Group said it will start trading bitcoin futures this year. Just last month JPMorgan Chase CEO James Daimon said that bitcoin is a fraud to which his bank will never have anything to do. However, the start of bitcoin trading on one of the largest US exchanges (CME Group emerged by combining the leading exchanges of Chicago and New York) can help crypto-currencies gain official status in the financial world. Until now, uncertainty about their legal status has consistently kept the digital currencies trading on the periphery of financial markets. In 2017, bitcoin has become the most profitable asset: since the beginning of the year its value against the dollar has increased by more than 600%, and market capitalization is approximately $ 115 billion. Without taking into account even the profit on other crypto-currency pairs, bitcoin exceeded all expectations and became the leader this month. For the last month only, the growth of bitcoin was 100%, on which our traders have significantly earned. To date, the next rollover has been conducted, and we continue to pay out deposits, according to the payment schedule (From 1st to 3rd number)