Blockchain Alliance

Blockchain Alliance — is an investment and cryptocurrency trading center.

The company was founded in 2013, following a colossal growth of basic cryptocurrencies, when they appeared in NASDAQ exchange. The original team successfully reached its objective in cryptocurrency trading and was reinforced by the fresh brains annually. Newcomers demonstrated good results in exchange trading, at that time, and successfully switched from a financial market to the market of cryptocurrencies. Thus, our team was reinforced by the best brains in the sphere of trading and analytics.

For today, in 2017, we have created a mutually beneficial financial mechanism with an ultimate goal of getting a mutual profit, where both the investor and the team win. It was implemented as an on-line project under Blockchain Alliance brand. We receive such a result due to increase of our turnover of deals in cryptocurrencies. Our traders and analysts are experienced enough to buy cryptocurrency at the most profitable price and to sell it at a peak growth.

As of today we work with 36 cryptocurrencies in which we have a profound understanding. In trade operations we adopt a conservative approach without using leverage. The profit we get is not huge, but stable and safeTo ensure a financial security of our investors and partners, we have created a separate insurance fund, which operates automatically.In the event when traders may experience a temporary drawdown, we pay out dividends instead of traders, and later they replenish the expenditure.

Therefore, financially you do not risk anything and your percent of profit will be fixed. It will not depend on phase of trading. From the legal point of view, for convenience of our investors and partners, we have also created a full range of documents to ensure legality and security of deposits. For each deposit, within our on-line banking, a separate contract is created, a hardcopy of which can be posted to any place of destination around the world on request.

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