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  • Stability of income
  • Investment Security
  • Reliability of the source of profit

In trading
are involved
36 ctypto

  • Proper diversification of risks by traders ensures high stability of investors' income

All risks of traders
take on themselves

  • Regardless of the situation on the market, the interest on the deposit is guaranteed to you
  • All the work of the traders will do for you. You risk nothing.

Security. Stability. Reliability

Being on the course of events in the financial world, we have taken great care of the reliability and safety of your investments.


Our lawers were worried to create a whole series of necessary contracts - to ensure your security investment. For each deposit, a separate agreement is created at the time of deposit. By We send a separate copy in paper form by mail to any point of the globe.


To ensure stability payments on deposits. We created a separate insurance fund. Which the will secure uninterrupted payments in case traders go to a temporary drawdown.



Crypto-currencies for today is one of the most promising segments for investment. And our team of traders and analysts, will ensure high reliability in the regularity of the result, thanks to the long-term experience.


Profit percentage 12% in month

Amount 100$ - 499$

Validity Deposit 90 days

Refund of the deposit body At the end of term


Profit percentage 14% in month

Amount 500$ - 1499$

Validity Deposit 180 days

monthly bonus 1-3 %

Refund of the deposit body At the end of term


Profit percentage 16% in month

Amount 2000$ - 4999$

Validity Deposit 270 days

monthly bonus 1-5 %

Refund of the deposit body At the end of term


Profit percentage 18% in month

Amount 2000$ - 4999$

Validity Deposit 360 days

monthly bonus 1-7 %

Refund of the deposit body At the end of term


Profit percentage 18% in month

Amount 5000$ - 15001$

Validity Deposit 360 days

Refund of the deposit body every month 1/12 part

Investments in crypto currency


The Crypto-currency is one of the most interesting investment tools. Thanks high volatility of the crypto currency, it can be very well earned without using leverage, which, as is known, multiplies by zero more than 95% of investment portfolios.

We approached with due understanding the complexity of the situation and, in turn, for our investors and partners have formed ready-made offers, in which it is quite easy to invest money. A Our traders will already be engaged in trading on the stock exchange. The risk of losses they take on yourself, the percentage of profits is guaranteed.




All grafics


trading with crypto-currencies

The growth of your deposit is guaranteed by the experience of our traders.

Protected investments

All investments in Blockchain Alliance are reliably protected. We use all the necessary contracts, according to the current legislation.

Profit stabitlity

Our traders take all the risks. The profit percentage is guaranteed.

no hidden commissions

The percentage of traders is already taken into account. You will receive exactly the percentage that is registered in the deposit plan. Without hidden commissions.

regilar withdraws

You do not depend on the situation in the market for crypto currency. Dividends will be paid in a fixed percentage and on time.

A due understanding of the market

We work with 36 crypto-currencies. We have all the necessary information for safe trading.

Advcash PAYEER Perfect Money

Increase of your deposit:

PRIMA + 24%for 2 мmonths

LIBERALIS + 48%for 3 мmonths

MIRA + 108%for 6 мmonths

test + 4%for 2 мmonths

LIBERALIS + 56%for 6 мmonths

MIRA + 47%for 4 мmonths

PRIMA + 84%for 6 мmonths

LIBERALIS + 65%for 9 мmonths

MIRA + 22%for 3 мmonths

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Added Turkish language

We are pleased to welcome Turkish leaders and ordinary participants from Turkey to our project

For your convenience, the project is also implemented in Turkish.

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